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Contactless Wall Mountable Temperature Monitor

Contactless Wall Mountable Temperature Monitor

We have made a Contactless Wall mountable Temperature Monitor. It has great proximity of 8 to 10 cms and completely works contactless.
It is Made In India with Love by Technobotics Education Centre.

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₹ 4,999/-

Salient Features

  • Temperature Reading will Automatically get transferred on the PC Software from the Device.
  • Details like Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, Address, Purpose of
    Visit and Additional Optional Field can be taken and filled from the person visiting us.
  • Also Exporting data (Excel Format) from a specific Date or a Range of Dates is available for use.

FAQS about this product

We can fix the quantity as per your requirement and it will be fixed.
(Advisable at 3m -5ml)

The product is a simple plug and play device which gets connected to any USB adapter via a Power Source (230V) or a Power Bank (Incase of Electricity Problems).

No the product is currently made for a fixed height. The average Indian Population’s Height is about 5 feet. We advise to put the device at 5 feet and incase of any requirements additional elevated platforms can be arranged.

Yes we have made a customisable solution to provide remote monitoring of the Temperature Sensor. It is available on request and will be considered as an additional customised development. Depending on the Lot Size and Scope the appropriate solution will be provided.

Additional Modules

A complete attendance management system from storing Temperature Data point of view can be integrated with this product.

After Temp check if we wish toautomatically do certain things like open a door, or automate anyprocess that is possible in addition to this product.

A simple software for recording In Out time with name, address, mobile number and temp reading. Old data will be easily accessible data wise.

If we simply wish to display the temp on a laptop / computer with this product.

Software Integration

  • Office Front Desks
  • Compund/Establishment Entry Points
  • Building Entry Points etc.