Ground Floor, Edwankar House,
Nawalkar Lane, Charni Road,
Prathna Samaj, Mumbai, 400004.




  1. 2 Color-Based (B/W) Object segregation and separation on a Conveyor belt system.
  2. 3 Color-Based (R/G/B) Object segregation and separation on a Conveyor belt system.
  3. Temperature and vibration monitoring of high operational use AC induction Motor
  4. Wireless Automatic Energy Meter Reading System with Handheld Display for Consumption and Amount indication.
  5. Wireless Intelligent Infrared Sensor Implemented as Automatic Room-light Controller with Visitor Counter.
  6. GSM based Multi-sensor Home Security System.
  7. GSM based Smart Home Appliances Control System.
  8. Wireless Hand-glove based Robotic Arm Control System.
  9. Accelerometer Based Hand Gesture controlled Robot Vehicle.
  10. PC / Laptop based Wireless Home Appliances Control System.
  11. PC / Laptop based Wireless Robotic Vehicle Control System.
  12. PC based Multi Process Precision Industrial Timer and Scheduler.
  13. Automatic Material handling Robotic Arm.
  14. Panel Temperature Monitoring and Controlling system for Large Photovoltaic Solar Farms.
  15. Fluid Level Monitoring and Controlling system for Industrial Reservoirs in Chemical and Solvent Plants.
  16. Precision Wind-speed measurement system for installation of Wind Energy Generation Stations.
  17. Intelligent Soil moisture and Temperature based Automatic Drip Irrigation System.
  18. Automatic Flood indication and Dam Barrier Gate Control System for High Capacity Reservoirs and Hydel Power Plants.
  19. PC / Laptop Software based Continuous Temperature, Light Intensity and Voltage Monitoring for Solar Photovoltaic Power plants.
  20. Intelligent Car Security with SMS based Accident notification.
  21. PC / Laptop Software based Wireless Robot Vehicle with Arm.
  22. PC / Laptop Software based Multi channel Power Controlling System.
  23. PC / Laptop Software based Wireless Control of Stepper Motors.
  24. Wireless Control of an Overhead Crane unit.
  25. Automatic Size Detection and Separation in Continuous Process plants.
  26. Smart Parking Lot Occupancy Display System and Entry –Exit Controller.
  27. Wireless Under-Vehicle Video Surveillance System.
  28. Wireless Pipeline Inspection Robot with Illuminators and Camera.
  29. Automatic Room light controls with Visitor counter.
  30. Automatic Bidirectional Railway barrier with siren.
  31. Mobile Phone Operated Robotic Vehicle.
  32. Automatic Flame finder Robot for Fire Fighting Applications.
  33. Automatic Over voltage and under voltage protection of AC motor.
  34. Smart Walking stick for the Blind.
  35. Automatic Lubrication notification system for heavy duty mechanical and electromechanical machinery.
  36. PIR motion sensor based Automatic gate controller for Sliding type gates in Malls and other public places.
  37. Bluetooth based Home automation
  38. Android based Voice Command Home Automation
  39. Wireless automatic track break indication for Railways
  40. Bluetooth based android controlled Multi Mode Robot
  41. Bluetooth based bidirectional chat communication system
  42. GSM based Electronic Notice Board
  43. Wireless Encryption and Decryption using PC Keyboard and Zigbee
  44. RFID and GSM based Smart Parking Management system
  45. GSM and GPS based Accident notification system
  46. Automatic Multimode Agricultural Robot
  47. RFID based Access control system with wireless gate entry and exit control
  48. Dual Axis Sun Tracker with voltage monitoring
  49. RFID and Zigbee based Smart Shopping Trolley
  50. RFID based Automatic robotic arm for Post Office
  51. Wireless 3 Phase Fault Monitoring System with Alarm and SMS notification
  52. Anti Collision System for Railways
  53. Automatic Station Display for Smart Buses
  54. Density based Automatic Traffic Signal Control System
  55. Wireless Automatic Food Serving Robot for Smart Hotels
  56. Android Controlled Wireless Robot Vehicle with Arm
  57. Wireless Patient Monitoring System