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Started on July 23, 2016


ECHNOBOTICS presents “TECHNOVATION”, an ISO CERTIFIED hands on workshop on 11 different Electronic circuits which includes right from soldering the PCB to understanding the basic Concepts with the working.

Course Information

  • Starting Date :- 20 June 2016

  • Time :- 5-7pm

  • Cost :- ₹ 7500/-

  • No pre-requisite required.

Take away from the workshop

The List of following projects will be covered in the course:

  • Audio Amplifier

  • Coin Based Switch

  • Clap Switch

  • Electronic Coin Toss Simulation

  • Fire Alarm with Timer / Reset

  • Infrared Burglar Alarm

  • IR Remote controlled LED Lamp’s

  • Temperature controlled Automatic Fan

  • Touch Controlled Switch

  • Two Digit Object Counter

  • Vibration Alarm

Plus a Kit consisting of: Multimeter, Solder Gun with stand, Solder Material with Flux.
This is an ISO Certified Course.

The flow of the workshop will be as follows:

  • Introduction to PCB Designing.

  • Soldering of each PCB over the course of 12 sessions.

  • Specifications of each circuit and Basic Working of components.

  • The Concept clearing of each circuit right from layout design to the Working in detail.

  • Interactive sessions with question and answer format yielding special gifts.

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