Age : 12+ years
Duration : 15 Sessions of 1.5 Hours each

Technovation (Electronics)

electronics training courses are important for creating a knowledge base. This course is on the basics of electronics. It will form the foundation blocks on which children can build their knowledge empire in the field of Electronics, which plays a crucial role in all its derivatives, such as Robotics, Automation, IOT, and so on.

electronics training courses

Electronics Training Courses Overview:

This electronics training courses delves into the fundamental principles and practical applications of electrical systems. Covering voltage, current, and resistance, students grasp the essence of Ohm’s Law and its role in circuit analysis. They explore series and parallel circuits and decipher resistor colour codes. They are also introduced to liquid solder for circuit boards. 

Energy conversion methods, security alarm systems, and human body resistance to electric shock are discussed in depth. Additionally, students are introduced to various sensors, including temperature, touch, and sound sensors, broadening their understanding of modern electronic devices. This course can be a foundation for those interested in further electronics training courses or careers in electrical engineering or related fields.

Technovation courses for kids in mumbai
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Knowledge and Conceptual Takeaways:

  • Current electricity: Voltage and Current.
  • Concept of Source and Load.
  • Concept of Electrical soldering
  • Basic introduction on soldering circuit boards for beginners
  • Ohm’s Law: Resistance.
  • Series and Parallel circuits.
  • Color code scheme in Resistors.
  • Concepts of Voltage Comparison, Input and Reference.
  • Energy Conversion: Sound to Light, Light to Sound, Vibration to electricity.
  • Security Alarms: types, usage, placements, detection techniques.
  • Human Body Resistance: concept of electric shock, lethal, non-lethal.
  • Sensors: Temperature, Touch, Vibration, Fire, Sound, IR remote.

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