robotics courses in mumbai
robotics classes in mumbai

Journey with Robotics Programming Courses in Mumbai

Start learning the things the practical way!
Robotics Programming Courses in Mumbai

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"When void of barriers, young minds can cross millions of domains and discover boundless knowledge prowess."

We at Technobotics will serve as your stepping stone from darkness to enlightenment. Why should you choose Technobotics for robotics classes in Mumbai?

With over 15 years of experience, Technobotics has vowed to build the perfect bridge between academic understanding and practical implementation.

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Robotics classes in mumbai

Courses we offer

We believe in bridging the gap between theory and practical.​

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School Curriculum

Know more about how we can change your school or institute, including incorporating Robotics Classes in Mumbai into your curriculum.

Many people may think that robotics is an extremely complex field, but when introduced to students from a young age, it becomes more accessible, engaging and fun by taking our robotics classes in mumbai.

Thus, knowing the fundamentals or introducing robotics to the children in school can be extremely beneficial. STEM education, Electronics and Robotics kits curated by Technobotics caters to the entire K-12 spectrum.

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Kirtan DaveKirtan Dave
14:36 16 Feb 23
This is my 3rd consecutive year of learning robotics at Technobotics, and the amount of exposure I have got in the field is immense.
Ria DasRia Das
05:12 30 Jan 22
On-time delivery of our project and easy to understand explanation. Good support for project black book contain.
Vaibhav JainVaibhav Jain
02:25 28 Jan 22
A great place to learn technology!
Apoorva SharmaApoorva Sharma
04:35 08 Dec 19
Amit Sir is exceptional. All you need is a curious mind, he will take care of the rest. He is extremely clear with his concepts and is really passionate about electronics.
Nidhi ParikhNidhi Parikh
07:39 14 Oct 19
Loved the way they trained! Highly recommended training centre.

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